General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contracting

  • Assisted a Fortune 100 government contractor with its evaluation of a potential violation of the Price Reduction Clause after an initial internal investigation. We reviewed the company’s applicable commercial sales practices, compared those with its government sales, and determined that the problem was not pervasive. We also conducted an analysis to facilitate a settlement with the government.
  • Engaged to assist a Fortune 500 software provider and its external counsel in determining the extent of a potential violation of the Price Reduction Clause and Defective Pricing Clause of its GSA contract. We analyzed the company’s commercial and government sales data, calculated potential damages, and acted as an expert in this qui tam matter. Based on our analysis, a settlement was negotiated with the government.
  • Hired by a publicly traded Fortune 100 computer software company to defend a multibillion dollar False Claims Act matter. We provided the company with investigative services which included: technical accounting, internal control and government contract regulatory guidance, and data collection review and analysis. Additionally, we prepared an expert report describing our findings. This matter was settled favorably in mediation.