Chess Consulting LLC can provide a software solution to ease the burden of Government reporting as well as consolidation of financial information for business and management reporting

To assist with Government reporting, Chess Consulting uses software that can pull data from various programs, including Oracle, NetSuite, SAP and more, and quickly organize it into an easy-to-use report. After implementation, Companies can use this software to generate all of their financial close reporting. Additionally, the software can be used by government contractors to produce reports and schedules to create Incurred Cost Submissions, cost impact analyses, and indirect rate scenarios. A key benefit of the software is that once the mapping of the GL to the indirect cost rate structure is completed, any changes to cost data are easily flowed through to reporting and schedules saving considerable time in comparison to Excel based schedules/reporting.

A significant business and reporting challenge faced by companies is the consolidation of financial information of multiple entities across various systems that do not communicate with one another. This issue can be particularly burdensome for companies engaging in Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity. Substantial time and resources, both of which are valuable and in short supply during and after an M&A transaction, can be spent on mining and reformatting data. Fortunately, Chess Consulting can save companies time by implementing software solutions that automate data collection and efficiently format data into usable reports.

No matter what a company’s business is, Chess Consulting can increase the efficiency, accuracy, and understandability of its Governmental, managerial, and financial reports. Visit to learn more about ways we can help your company solve your reporting needs.