Government Investigations

  • Provided expert consultation and testimony on behalf of a major Air Force contractor in rebuttal to a government allegation of over $100 million of defective pricing. Issues addressed included adequacy of cost and pricing data, and the nature and extent of government reliance on such data.
  • Assisted a multi-billion dollar logistics contractor in the preparation of analyses required to negotiate with the DCAA in relation to disputed charges. We also supported the contractor regarding a range of investigations related to major logistics contracts and procurement activities, including but not limited to, false claims and potential FCPA violations. In addition, we performed a review of the contractor’s procurement and estimating system.
  • Performed a cost impact analysis for an aerospace company related to overstatements in its general and administrative (G&A) rates caused by improper recognition of research and development expenses. We evaluated the appropriateness of the G&A rates used to price government contracts and corrected the rates to be in accordance with CAS. These corrected rates were then applied to affected contracts to calculate the potential overbilling impact that was favorably settled with the government.